3 Brothers Gutters

All Gutter Companies in the Metro St. Louis area have access to the same suppliers with the same prices so ….What sets us apart from the other guys ?

Here are just a few examples:

We use fascia hangers or “hidden hangers” that are screwed in (not nailed) every 2’ or less, never 3′ or 4′ which is a common way to save a few bucks on a job.  Sure it will last most companies 1 year warranty.   Not ours – we offer 3 full years.

 The gutter we use is a standard  k style gutter with a baked on enamel finish, which is backed with a lifetime  warranty.

We do not sub out anything. 100% of all of our jobs are done by our employees.

We are fully insured and up to date on all OSHA certifications.  Sure – every contractor says they are – but are they ?

Every gutter is custom formed on the job site with USA made material.   In Short – we do not take short cuts or use cheaper material just to save a buck.

While we are very competitive on any bid – if we are a little higher – there is usually a reason.

How 3BG came to be:

 A few years back the Middle brother ( Kyle ) worked at the largest gutter company in the St. Louis region and was a member of the local 36 Sheet metal union. The eldest brother  (Chad) was off in the carpentry world building houses, while the youngest brother (Bret) was off at boot camp !

(National Guard, and don’t forget to ask about our Military Discount)

  After basic was over the older brother got the younger brother into the Carpentry world when he was  not out of town on Drills.    The brother’s dad (Don) has owned and still does  – a commercial contracting consulting firm for over 20 years or so.  He was looking at investing into some type of company / industry other than just the  consulting. He wanted to actually build / create something.   He also  always had friends and family calling him to see if his middle son could fix, repair or replace their gutters.   While his son was extremely experienced in the Gutter industry, he didn’t have all the physical tools of the trade so to speak…..mainly a Gutter Machine.   No one in the St. Louis area rents them.  Sure you can rent a tractor the size of a house or a concrete pounding jack hammer but not a gutter machine.

 This got the dad to thinking:  Buy a gutter machine and rent it out.  Plus when those aforementioned friends and family call – his middle son can go take care of it.

Then he got to thinking a little more and he asked himself “What’s the most important thing to you ?” The answer was simple: FAMILY.  And he thought  “Who better to invest in then your own family” and so he did and 3 Brothers Gutters was born…  So when the Brother’s show up to a jobsite site know a few things –  1 – yes they are brothers and 2 -they will treat your home as if it’s their own.

 We are a small family owned business and we take great pride in our work.  We are extremely competitive in pricing and while we are not the biggest  boys on the block, our quality is second to NONE.  We don’t take short cuts to save a few bucks.  We don’t buy knock off or  less then superior supplies. We use all professional grade EVERYTHING.  The big box stores  are nice for your DIY painting projects, etc.  but not for something like Gutters that you want to last for years and years.

Sincerely, 3BG

3 Brothers Gutters